From Indonesia to the world!!

It was started from a passion to make interesting songs, music, that bring the real energy of rock music, then we started to form MONARKI..

MONARKI was formed in April 2011, with the initial member: Vona (Vocal), Revly (Guitar), Bil (Guitar), Lucky (Bass), Galih (Drum), and then after a few member changes, the current formation of MONARKI are:

  • Widi (vocal)

  • Bil (guitar)

  • Revly (guitar)

  • Fery (bass)

  • Rida (drum)


We started the band with the intention to make our original songs. Up until now we have 10 songs ready to be recorded, including 6 songs that have already been recorded:

  • Monarchy Of Heart

  • Turn My Day Off

  • Footsteps To Nowhere

  • Eyes Of The Future

  • Geek

  • Serenade Of You


We really like to make our marks in the music industry worldwide..

That is our goal and passion that drives us until right now...


To make our songs interesting... we blend many of our influences into our music... mainly they are Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, 80's and 90's Rock...



MONARKI, an up and coming band from Indonesia. Blending music from a wide span of genres, MONARKI proceeds to cram it all in to a nice little package of good ol’ rock n’ roll without forgetting to pack their pure and raw energy. With some serious 90's vibes, MONARKI remains true to their roots while maintaining interesting songs and concepts that stand out from all those cookie cutter “phone-ins”.


Mike Abiuso (Behind The Curtains Media)



Bringing to mind bands like Live – who’s “Throwing Copper” record was barely off our our CD player in the mid-90s – Monarki have a huge sound, designed to bother arenas in the future.

Their slogan is: From Indonesia To The World and we wish them well.



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